Datacadabra at CES®

Datacadabra will be part of CES® Las Vegas from 5 to 8 January where we will present our smart camera system called MowHawk.

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The MowHawk is an autonomous smart camera system that analyzes the environment in the process of road verge management to stimulate biodiversity and circularity. It focuses on analyzing the amount of litter, type of vegetation, and exact tracking of movements, thus creating a unique database of real time insights for monitoring and effectively managing safety, biodiversity, circular re-use and (invasive) vegetation.

Datacadabra supplies intelligent digital assistants that empower people facing complex tasks in the economic, social and sustainable transformation humanity is facing today.

Based on artificial intelligence, our practical products and applications can sense, interpret, and process to make people scalable.



The MowHawk spares and takes care of nature. By providing the driver with instructions for staged mowing, insect populations gain living space and this provides a breeding ground for returning biodiversity.

Circular processing

The grass clippings that are collected during verge mowing with the MowHawk are suitable for circular reuse. This is possible because a distinction is made in their quality based on the presence of litter and invasive species. This creates a clean resource flow that can be processed in a high-quality manner.

Detection invasive plant species

The spread of invasive plant species is very concerning. The MowHawk detects invasive plant species, which helps in the elimination, as they can be processed in a separate mowing pass. The collected data can be used to implement effective measures to reduce invasive plant species.

The MowHawk

The MowHawk offers support to enable nature-inclusive verge management.

Realtime mowing instructions

The driver receives instructions about mowing locations and ecological mowing patterns. The property owner can see in realtime where and how mowing is taking place.

Measure the quality of grass clippings

The camera system detects litter, invasive plant species and the weight of the clippings. As a result, the composition of the grass clippings can be classified, processed to a high standard and used in a circular manner.

Insight based verge management

Information is collected about mowing patterns, mowing frequencies, litter, invasive plant species, biodiversity, clippings and more. This provides more insight and is the first step towards better policy, circularity and the full utilization of the biodiversity potential of roadsides.


The Netherlands will showcase “Tech Solutions for a Responsible Future” at CES®. This is the world’s most influential technology event, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The NL mission consists of 50 startups and 20 scaleup companies selected to exhibit their solution on the global stage of innovation.