Applied AI for your business

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We learn patterns from different types of data
We create business insights based on your data

Image/video recognitions

With computer vision we train models to recognize objects, people, animals or detect differences in all types of conditions e.g. soil

Text mining and analytics

Based on lots of textual data we are able to assist customer care services, content enrichment, social media analysis and more

Audio / Voice analytics

Imagine that machines understand what you want to listen to or which voice would best assist you during your search

Database analytics

If you currently have structured and labelled data in a database but no time/skills to gain insights from it, we take care of it

Let the data work for you

We build AI to create actionable insight to…
Increase efficiency & save money

Use AI to automate key business processes. Focus on the actionable outcomes

Create customer loyalty

Provide your customers with AI developed features for seamless customer journeys

Develop new business models

New insights brings the opportunities for new business models. Use the power of AI to unveil these opportunities.

How do we create actionable insights?


We start with the scope. What is the challenge and who is the end user(s)? Who will be looking at the screen and has to deal with that information?


Once we have all the relevant information like the business challenges, involved persona's, data input, we will scale it. Our image, audio, text or database data we first be labelled. Based on all the input variables we then generate an easy to work with amount of dimensions based on our algorithms.


Based on these dimension we create a score (index). The index can be used in any dashboard and will help to generate actions.

Learn how to benefit from AI

We want to help you to use your data

The ultimate football intelligence platform

SciSports is a sports analytics company that uses data intelligence for professional football organizations. SciSports is one of the fastest growing sports analytics companies in the world and a leading provider of data intelligence for professional football organizations. The SciSports team consists of specialists in artificial intelligence, computer vision and data analytics.

The online platform that provides direct access to 90,000 active players around the world, supporting football professionals in their decision making. We helped scouts over the world to make data driven scouting accessible, which effects the transfer policy of football clubs

Predict successful songs and artist based on spotify

How do you translate 50 GBs per day into a useful model and an application with which Sony can actually help artists reach the right target group? Songs can be turned into data based on our algorithms. Based on all these variables we create an index which made it easy to score a song based on mood, energy and much more.

Based on this information as a label, talentscout, or supplier is able to find talent or the song which fits best with your mood.

CO2 reduction in supply chain based on modelling

The logistics sector can be more sustainable, and Big Data can help with that. From pallets to containers: many of these types of so-called carriers already have a barcode or tag.

Together with 6 other companies we are working on a joint R&D project to develop a performance index for the transport industry.

Creating an index for soil quality

Daily samples are taken form the soil. Farmers need to know the quality of their soil to improve performances. The proces of taking a sample, analyze the soil with a microscoop, label the data and give feedback to the farmer is time consuming.

We are working on the soil quality index. Based on a sample you will get a quality score for your soil and even see how to improve this, real-time.