A Day At Datacadabra: Data Scientist Samir

In this series, we will take you through the day-to-day work at Datacadabra to give a little more insight into how Datacadabra works. Many technical aspects are very abstract and therefore difficult to imagine in everyday work, such as Computer Vision and Machine Learning. In this series we want to clarify this through a typical working day of one of our colleagues. This time we asked Samir Sabljic, one of our Data Scientists, what he does in a day.

Digital intelligence takes many forms: artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, data science, you name it. Within Datacadabra, we use almost all forms, depending on the client's needs. For example, the MowHawk is an application to mow roadsides smarter, and an example of Computer Vision using image recognition. A project with a very different technical focus is the Luistervinq, an application to map the use of outdoor spaces, as it uses sound recognition instead of image recognition. This already shows a little more of the technical differences that exist within Datacadabra, but to get a little clearer on this, we asked Samir Sabljic a few questions.


Samir Sabljic is a Data Scientist and on a daily basis he is involved in designing electronics and processing data using the Python programming language. These include filtering data from a dataset so that it can be used in a model for detecting litter, for example, like the MowHawk. 'Sometimes within a project at Datacadabra there is also a need for custom parts, such as a circuit board. Because I completed an Electronics Bachelor's degree, I also have this knowledge at the ready and I enjoy designing something like a circuit board for variety!'

What does your workday entail?

A typical workday for Samir begins in the morning with a standup with the team discussing what's on the schedule. "Then I get to work on my tasks, which usually include some programming or electronics design. If a problem arises, I organize a short brainstorm or meeting to solve the problem with the team.'


For a good start to the day, Samir likes to take his bike to work: 'I try to bike to work every time, to keep fit. When I get to the office, I make myself a cup of tea and take part in the standup, in which the team members tell each other what they are going to do this day. I think these standups are a great time for small brainstorms, so if a problem has stuck from the end of the previous day, you can bring it up nicely during this standup. The team then comes up with suggestions and ideas on how best to tackle it, super handy!'

'There is a new challenge every day in my work'

Current work.

Currently, Samir is busy working on the Luistervinq, a solution that monitors activities in outdoor spaces through sound. 'I am currently working on creating a model for the classification of these sounds. I am also working on designing the hardware for the Luistervinq so that it can work autonomously using a battery and a solar panel.'

When asked what Samir is most proud of within his work, he also mentions the Luistervinq: "I am very proud of the circuit board I designed for the Luistervinq. Among other things, it will allow a battery to be charged by means of a solar panel so that the Luistervinq can continue to work autonomously. Once the circuit board is fully tested, it will be placed in the field so that as many activities as possible can be classified!


Samir goes on to say that what he loves about his job is the challenging atmosphere that exists at Datacadabra, for example, when a solution was needed to get the battery and solar panel working and he figured this out and came up with the solution to design a circuit board. 'I have been working at Datacadabra for a few months now and the pace of work is quite high: projects have to be well planned and structured, tasks have to be distributed and completed within deadlines. Fortunately, we use tools for this so it is very clear and pleasant to work with. There is also a new challenge every day, whether it is programming or electronics. I really enjoy programming, but I also enjoy designing a piece of electronics now and then, which gives me variety. I am glad that this is all possible at Datacadabra.

Fruits and vegetables?

The last question we asked Samir was whether he had any funny anecdotes or crazy events he had experienced while working. 'I did some measurements for the Luistervinq together with the other programmers. The idea was to walk along the Luistervinq and talk at the same time, to measure whether it can classify pedestrians correctly. Two colleagues who were walking along the Luistervinq started to list all possible fruits and vegetables, hilarious!


This will hopefully make it a little clearer what the job of a data scientist entails at Datacadabra. So Samir is both busy in the office designing electronics and programming, and out in the open, listing fruits and vegetables! In short, a challenging and varied job that incorporates all facets of a product development.