About us

Datacadabra supports companies with data science and artificial intelligence for automated processes and relieves them from workloads,  so that companies can continue to evolve.

How can we help you? 

What challenges do companies face? And what tasks might technology take over?


On the one hand, we see increasing demands around themes such as sustainability, biodiversity and inclusiveness. And on the other hand, more demands in accountability, insight and reporting.


These demands create a lot of extra work. Extra work that the existing workforce cannot take on, and for which hiring capacity is difficult and expensive.


Data science and AI complement and strengthen the current team. This creates, what we call, "hybrid teams".


What does our solution consist of?

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  • Step 1
  • Observing

    Our first step is data collection. We use existing data from your company, or collect data by observing with cameras, microphones or sensors. The hardware is usually managed by the company itself or a hardware partner, we give advice.

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  • Step 2
  • Structuring

    The next step is that collected data must be structured. Our data scientists prepare the data for the next phase through labeling, feature extraction, structuring and preparation, among others.

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  • Step 3
  • Learning

    Step three is understanding structured data. Our AI engineers do this by training AI models and algorithms to understand the data and let them draw conclusions independently. We are using computer vision, machine learning, deep learning or neural networks, for example.

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  • Step 4
  • Executing

    Finally, we link automated actions to these conclusions through software integrations, or present them in a clear dashboard. In many cases, our software developers create these links or dashboards.


    We leverage existing data or collect data with existing systems at your company. We quickly develop (using our own development platform) digital tools that can perceive, understand and assist. See examples of how Datacadabra does this at our various case studies.

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    The Datacadabra team consists of Data Scientists and AI experts. Driven and enthusiastic professionals to help your business flourish, with the help of Data science and AI.

    The bright minds of the Datacadabra team:

    Gert-Jan Naber

    Bart van Schie

    Peter Hoekstra

    Hans d'Hollosy

    Nick Hoogendijk

    Vincent Nibbelke