Within 1 week good insight into the possibilities AI offers for your organization

AI is here to stay. Simply because AI applications lead to more efficient business operations, such as cost reduction, a more accurate business process as well as new (technological) insights. In many cases, it even leads to new business models. Will AI work for your organization? Do the Feasibility Scan and within 5 days you will know what AI can do for your company.

Who is the Feasibility Scan for?

Whether you have a technology-driven business or run a labor-intensive production process, there are gains to be made for every organization with AI-generated solutions. Think cost savings, insight into your business processes and more (satisfied) customers. Datacadabra has already devised a large number of AI-generated solutions for various organizations. Ranging from nature and green management to healthcare and the infrastructure industry. Soon also for you?

How it works.

Get inspired by the possibilities AI can offer your organization. Together with you, our data scientists will map all available data within your organization. Then we explore the application possibilities of AI within your organization.

Data inventory

Mapping your company's available data to then explore the application of AI within your organization

Feasibility and analyses

Investigating the technical and organizational feasibility of implementing AI solutions A brief cost-benefit analysis

An action plan for future development

Developing a personalized action plan Roadmap for implementation, an estimated time investment, budgeted costs and expected results

5 Day AI Feasibility Scan

Day 1: Preliminary research
During this day, all available data will be mapped by our data scientists.

Day 2: Workshop
An intensive and inspiring workshop with the key stakeholders of your organization. At the end of the day we will have a complete understanding of the needs. From this we then formulate a concrete objective.

Day 3 & 4: Technical evaluation
The technical evaluation consists of an analysis of the available data as well as the development of a concept model with which we can show the technical feasibility.

Day 5: Action Plan
In an action plan we describe the concise business case, a roadmap for implementation and a cost estimate.

Who went before you?


Are you ready for the next step and want to further explore the possibilities of AI within your organization? Then take your organization to the next level with Datacadabra's Feasibility Scan. Sign up now for the scan and we will contact you soon.